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The OneTwenty Internship is an opportunity for you to come away from business as usual and to join together with other burning hearts for a season that will change your life. Acts tells us about 120 people who were endued with the power of The Holy Spirit; these same people became those that changed the world. God is raising up a company that long to be an upper room people, who will lean into the things of The Lord until they receive the empowerment to change their world. If you are one of those, then this internship is for you.


This program is filled with teaching, training, outreach and corporate prayer designed to help stoke the fire of God in your life. Our desire is to equip and release you into your God given mandate. We know that at the end of your season in this program you will be better equipped to fulfill the purpose of heaven for your life. 


Our application process is simple. Scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the application. A $100 non-refundable deposit will be due upon acceptance. Start making plans now to be a part of our next session. Do not hesitate to make room for what God has in store.




no housing 

      (local interns)                                                                                   

housing included


$599   /   $999


Frequently asked Questions:                                                                                                                  

What is the biggest requirement for acceptance into the internship?                                 

 Teachability: One of the most important requirements for acceptance into the internship is that the applicant should have a teachable spirit. Each intern should be willing to receive instruction from teachers an have a desire for truth, even challenging truths, and a willingness to study it out to form a personal belief regarding what has been taught (Isaiah 1:18, Proverbs 2). Teachability also runs into community life; each intern should be willing to submit to the correction and instruction of the leadership team without offense (Heb. 13:7). 


Do you allow dating during the internship?                                                                                       

During the 3 month internship at The Place, dating is not permitted for interns. The purpose of the internship is to give oneself to God without any distractions. This time is to be utilized to further establish a standard of intimacy with God that will last a lifetime. We are confident that when you separate yourself unto the LORD during this season, your reward will far outweigh the sacrifice. Married couples  are welcomed, and in that instance are encouraged to date!


Will their be any vacation time available during the internship?                                                        

With the exception of break times scheduled by the leadership and those agreed upon by the Internship Director with individual interns prior to the start of the program, additional personal vacations will not be permitted during the internship. Examples of such vacations include: family reunions, graduations, weddings, concerts, other personal events, etc. Attendance during all scheduled hours is required in order to remain in the program. The internship is to be valued as a season of consecration unto the Lord. Exceptions will be made for illnesses and family emergencies. 


Do I have to have a vehicle?                                                                                                                   

Since the scheduling of ministry assignments are both frequent and varied, each intern must provide their own reliable transportation for the duration of the internship. Exceptions are possible with prior approval. All interns who do not have a vehicle are still held responsible for their own transportation needs (i.e., punctuality to meetings, classes, etc.). 


Is attendance flexible?                                                                                                                  

Attendance during all scheduled interns hours is required in order to remain in the program. Exceptions will be made for illnesses and family emergencies. 


Can I have a job while I’m in the internship?                                           

Because the internship requires a heavy time commitment interns are not encouraged to seek outside employment. However, each participant must have sufficient funds to cover any personal expenses that they may incur throughout the duration of the 3 month program. The total amount needed will vary depending on each participant's personal preferences, financial obligations, and spending habits. Participants will be required to purchase their own gasoline, food, class supplies (except text books), and cover their own outside expenses (health insurance, cell phone payments, car insurance, etc.). Please assess these things as you prepare to come and plan accordingly. If you need a part-time job to help you meet these needs, that will be considered acceptable.